GMB Members Vote To Retain Political Fund

19 Aug 2014

GMB members have voted 94% in favour of retaining the union’s political fund.

The Independent Scrutineer’s report of voting in the above ballot, which closed at noon on 18th August 2014, is as follows:-

Number of voting papers returned to the scrutineer:             63,292
Number of votes found to be spoiled or otherwise invalid: 126
Total number of valid votes to be counted:                         63,166

THE RESOLUTION is that the political objects set out in section 72 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 be approved as an object of the Union.

Question : Do you vote in favour of the resolution?

Number of valid votes cast in favour of the resolution 59,617 (94.4%)

Number of valid votes cast against the resolution 3,549       (5.6%)