GMB On Ed Miliband’s TUC Speech

13 Sep 2011

GMB reacted to Ed Miliband’s speech at TUC Congress in London today.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary said, “I have to give him credit for his courage in coming here and speaking frankly to us. What comes across is that he is not ashamed of the trade union links to the Labour Party. As Labour Leader he is not embarrassed by his association with trade unions and trade unionists. His engagement with trade unionists on the ground will bring to the fore what needs to be done to get the economy moving and to bring fairness to our communities.

I thought it was a pretty good speech which covered a lot of ground with clarity and vision of what needs to be done. He knew that we would not agree with everything he said and proposes.

The one elephant in the room was his lack of reference in his speech to employment rights and basic freedoms enjoyed by working people. He knows that trade union freedoms could come under attack and he did not pledge to defend these freedoms. We will have to work on this.”