GMB reports “positive” meeting with EC officials over beer tie

9 Sep 2009

Under current EU regulations the beer tie is exempt from EC Treaty competition rules - but this is currently up for review. The GMB has until 28th September 2009 to submit its evidence to the consultation.

Kathleen Walker-Shaw, GMB’s European officer, said the meeting had helped them in focussing on what aspects to include in the submission. She added, “They were surprised how the model was operating in the UK. It was clear they did not have the relevant information about how complex it was and the negative aspects of the model. It was particularly helpful because one official was interested in pricing and the wider effects on consumers and the other was a policy expert.”

She added that the pub industry had been compared with other sectors during the meeting.

“Overall it was very useful for both sides,” Walker-Shaw added.

Fair Pint were represented at the meeting by its legal representative Paddy Kelly, of law firm Laytons, and licensees Steve Corbett and Mark Dodds.