Carlsberg closure - GMB says two year timescale gives hope of a turn around

6 Nov 2008

GMB is keen to get the consultation process as soon as possible and hopes to get agreement that staff will be redeployed and helped to find new jobs. There has been a brewery in Leeds since 1822 when it used to produce just Tetley beers.

The brewery now produces Tetley and Carlsberg and is one of two owned by Carlsberg. The other site is at Northampton.

Steve Huckerby, GMB organiser said: “This is devastating news. GMB members have been in tears on the site. GMB shop stewards and I will be meeting management to get the full details.

The one crumb of comfort is that the company has given us two years notice and we will use that valuable time to test all the alternatives to closure and redundancy.

We will be hoping for a turn around in the market which may help save the site. GMB wish to see if there is anything that can be done to change Carlsbergs mind about closing this historic brewery. We must investigate all other avenues.”