GMB Secures £1m a week in compensation

10 Jan 2009

The union GMB is recovering personal injury compensation at a rate of £1 million a week for its members. Recent settlements include a GMB member who hurt his back in two separate workplace incidents and received a £7,000 payout. David Ogden, 54, felt forced to find less physical work with another employer after he was left with long term back problems. He first hurt his back while lifting heavy trays of packed ready meals which he sent to the lab for testing when working as a quality auditor for Kettleby Foods in Melton Mowbray. The nine kilo trays were stacked in an awkward position in metal cages and David felt his back go as he was pulling them towards him. A few months later his back condition was aggravated when he was lifting a 25 kilo bag of tortilla wraps. He decided to leave his job six months later because his back problems were flaring up regularly and he did not want to put himself at further risk of injury. GMB member Paul Thomas, 34, from Carlisle lost partial sight in his right eye after he was provided with unsuitable safety glasses while working for Clark Door Limited. He was fitting sound proof doors in the BBC buildings in Glasgow when he had to drill into concrete above his head. The goggles he was wearing had ventilation holes in the top and the concrete dust fell into his eyes causing alkali burns. His eyes were so badly damaged they swelled up and he was forced to take four months off work. Paul, who is now retraining to become an electrician, received a £5,000 out-of-court settlement with the union’s legal support.