GMB Set Up Hotline To Report Law Breaking By Employment Agencies Supplying Labour In Mail Dispute

24 Oct 2009

Both Royal Mail and Lord Mandelson denied that agency staff are being used to replace workers on strike. GMB do not believe these denials and have set up a hotline for members of the public to report the names of agencies and the names of workers being supplied to replace workers on strike. The hotline number is 0208 971 4217.

Paul Kenny GMB General Secretary said “An employment business may not supply a temporary worker to a hirer to replace an individual taking part in an official strike or any other official industrial dispute. In addition an employment business must not introduce or supply a work-seeker to do the work of someone who has been transferred by the hirer to perform the duties of the person on strike or taking industrial action. However in spite of this law there is widespread and well reported law breaking by employment agencies in the current post dispute. Lord Mandelson, Royal Mail and employment agencies will not be allowed to ignore the law. GMB has set up a hotline and is asking the public to supply names of employment agencies supplying workers and the names of these workers. These agencies are liable for a fine of £5,000 per day per worker supplied. We are asking them to phone 0208 971 4217 with details. Can you imagine the outcry there would be in the media and in Parliament if unions were engaged in lawbreaking on the scale we see by employment agencies in this dispute?”