GMB Stands Up To BBPA

29 Mar 2010

Paul Kenny also states “The GMB has done nothing unlawful nor does it have any intention of doing anything unlawful and, frankly your threats do not persuade us that your arguments have merit in law.”

“The information we have gathered gives us sufficient reason to believe that the relationship of a contracted worker exists between a number of relevant parties of the Association and our members and, we will deal with that in the normal way with the individual members of the Association as employers.”

“The GMB will continue to campaign politically, organisationally through the media, in the courts and where appropriate through the use of lawful industrial action to highlight the damaging impact of the current business model, its unfairness, and the behaviour of some of the members of your Association and their actions impact on our members.”

“We will continue to campaign for support and protection for our members within the industry and for the general public at large who frankly are being over charged because of the business model that you and the members of your Association are so intent on protecting.”