GMB Welcome EAT Judgement That Overtime Pay Should Be Included In Pay For Holiday Leave

5 Nov 2014

GMB commented on the EAT judgement that overtime pay is part of normal remuneration and to be included as such in the calculation of pay for holiday leave.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, said “This judgment ensures that workers are properly paid for holidays and is a good and welcome result. This judgment clarifies that voluntary overtime and time spent waiting for emergency call outs must be included in holiday pay calculations. Members who did not get the same pay during holiday as during the rest of the year should contact GMB to be advised of their rights and to have their claims assessed and taken forward.

GMB look forward to a sensible discussion with employers who need to have a rethink about the way holiday pay is dealt with. No doubt certain elements and interests will condemn the European Directive upon which this court decision is based that will give workers in the UK the extra pay they have been denied by UK employers and politicians for years.”