11 Aug 2009

The offer is as follows:


A 1% pay increase except for Spinal Column Points 4 to 10 inclusive which get 1.25%.  The increases would be backdated to 1 April 2009.


From 1 April 2009 an increase from 20 to 21 days minimum annual leave entitlement for employees with less than 5 years service.  For anyone getting more than 20 days there is no change to the total leave entitlement.

Note:  if you are unsure about how this applies to you contact your GMB rep or branch.

At the lay delegates meeting senior GMB activists discussed this offer very fully.  It was agreed that although the offer is not a good one it is the best that can be achieved through negotiations.  On that basis the offer will go forward to all GMB local authority members to have their say.

At the same time, the lay delegates meeting highlighted the veiled hints coming out from the employers about jobs and the future of the Green Book (see previous bulletins).  It was agreed that GMB should write to the employers to object to these threats and make clear that, if agreed by our members, this pay rise should be honoured in full by all employers without recourse to off-setting cost reductions.  We won’t stand for those sort of threats.

So our pay ballot will shortly be underway.  If you have not received a voting form by 28 August then please contact your GMB office.  If there are any non union members in your workplace they can join GMB and have their say too.

Thank you for your support.

Brian Strutton

Brian Strutton
National Secretary - Public Services Section