Injured Driver Pays The Asda Price

30 May 2011

An Asda lorry driver who damaged his knee at work has received a £4,000 payout. Ian Burridge, 42, developed the degenerative condition osteoarthritis between two and five years earlier than he would have due to the injury.

He was delivering goods to an Asda store in Stanley, County Durham in January 2009 when, as he was moving a heavy pallet of wine and spirits, he slipped on a piece of cardboard. He hit his knee on a pallet truck as he fell. The cardboard was covering cat litter which had spilled from a bag in the trailer. Mr Burridge had asked for a brush but was told that there wasn’t one available at the Stanley store, so attempting to clear up the mess with his foot. He hadn’t noticed the cardboard under the pallet nor the cat litter it was hiding. Following the injury he needed to take strong painkillers and underwent an MRI scan which confirmed the osteoarthritis. His knee now hurts when he drives and climbs stairs. In a union-backed compensation claim, Asda - part of the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart - admitted 80 per cent liability and settled the claim out of court for £4,000.

Michael Hopper from the GMB said: ‘Whilst Mr Burridge had the spectre of osteoarthritis in later years this accident brought it on much faster than would otherwise have been the case.’