Jeremy Hunt Is About To Change The Law To Get New Legal Powers To Shut A&Es

12 Dec 2013

Jeremy Hunt is about to change the law to get new legal powers to shut A&Es, unless you act NOW. Please pass this on to everyone you can and urge them to act immediately and don’t forget to sign up yourself.
You only have a few days to stop this power grab before MPs debate the law change on Monday 16 December.  Email your MP today
No hospital will be safe from closure and privatisation – no matter how successful or solvent, if clause 118 or the ‘hospital closure cause’ of the Care Bill gets through without challenge.
Your local MP has a vote – the Care Bill will be debated in the House of Commons on Monday 16 December. Urge your MP to oppose Clause 118. Email them today

Jeremy Hunt could come for your hospital next. The Save Lewisham Hospital campaigners fought the secretary of state and won, but they won’t win again if clause 118 becomes law.
Please, email your MP and sign this petition and let’s tell Jeremy Hunt together that he’s not going to get away with his hospital closures.