Keighley NHS Canvas

28 Apr 2011

GMB is to canvas support for NHS staff with a stall in Keighley Market Place on Saturday, 30th April 2011.

GMB is joining forces with Keighley Trades Union Council at a stall at Keighley Market Place on Saturday 30th April, 10am-12pm to seek support from the public to defend Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and the NHS as a whole. This stall will provide local people with the opportunity to stop and speak to local NHS workers and to show their support for the NHS. They will also be asked to sign a petition which will be handed to Kris Hopkins MP for Keighley and Ilkley.

Gary Baker, GMB Regional Organiser said “After the shock of 100% increases in the pay for the Non-Executives and Chairman of the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust this event on Saturday will give the people of the area a chance to voice their concerns. I have been approached by many staff and members of the public, who still can’t comprehend this massive increase in pay; staff feel let down by all the secrecy surrounding this issue, and they are paying the ultimate price so these people can enjoy a huge rise.

We understand that the Conservative Led Coalition have cut funding to the Trust which has caused the financial crisis, and this has left the Trust in a difficult situation trying to balance the books.
Bearing this in mind, GMB can see no justification for this rise and would ask the Chairman and the Non-Executives to examine their consciences as to whether it is acceptable to take this pay rise when staff are facing financial difficulties and ultimately some may lose their jobs.”