Keighley Rally in Support Of Striking Workers - 30th June 2011

14 Jun 2011

Keighley Trades Union Council Are calling a Dinnertime Rally in the Keighley Town Hall Square at 12.30 pm on Thursday 30 June 2011

We are rallying to support the thousands of local workers forced to take industrial action to defend their jobs, wages, conditions and pensions. 

We are rallying to make clear our opposition to the Coalition Government’s cuts, which are disproportionately hitting working people the hardest. Fighting the cuts and fighting for workers’ hard won rights are the same fight. It wasn’t union members that broke the banks and almost destroyed the global economy. Neither was it the fault of the disabled, the pensioners or the young people in education.

Our demands at the rally are simple:

 Hands off our jobs and pensions
 Stop the cuts in services
 Defend the NHS
 Tax the rich and powerful who created the mess in the first place

Please show your support - be at the rally.