Leeds Private Hire Drivers Driven To Despair

24 Apr 2009

Members of the Leeds Private Hire Association, which is a branch of the GMB, took a delegation to the Leeds Civic Hall and delivered a speech to the full Council meeting on the 22nd of April 2009.

Private hire drivers in Leeds are angry at the proposal to reduce the age of cars that can be used from eight years to six. Bill Chard GMB organiser pointed out to the assembled councillors that our members had already been battered by raft after raft of local legislation and over regulation. (See full speech attachment).

Javaid Akhtar, Chairperson of the Association, said “We are fighting these proposals because they really are the final straw. The cars are subject to a full MOT and that should satisfy the regulations.  Our members are angry and genuinely worried that the introduction of this new unnecessary age limit will force drivers out of work.
The Council referred the delegation’s report to the appropriate committee.