Leeds Worker Suffers Whiplash in Bath Incident

15 Aug 2009

The GMB member, whose name has not been released, had to undergo intensive physiotherapy following the incident at a Leeds City Council day centre. She was bathing a patient using a bath seat, which is similar to a toilet seat with a handle to move it up and down. As she was moving the seat up to help the patient get out of the bath, the seat caught on a broken bath panel causing a sudden jolt. At first she thought she might have pulled a muscle and continued work, but the next day she was in severe pain. Leeds City Council admitted liability and settled a compensation claim out of court for £4,000. The council has also changed the type of baths used at the day centre. The injured worker commented: ‘I’m glad I decided to claim compensation because it forced the council to replace the old baths with newer versions. The equipment we were using was extremely old and it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.’ GMB Regional Secretary Tim Roache said: ‘It should never have taken legal action for the council to make sure its working equipment was safe for its employees.’