Local Govenment Unions Agree Joint Escalation Of Our Campaign For Fairness

1 Aug 2014

In a joint announcement on the 31 July, the main local government unions GMB, Unison and Unite, representing 1.3 million council and schools staff, escalated the pay dispute and named the next date for strike action as 14 October 2014.  This is a clear and powerful message to employers ; you have two months to work with us to resolve our pay dispute or we will take further strike action.  This is not going away and all three unions are united in our common cause.

Since they tabled their ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ offer worth 1% which GMB members massively rejected and took strike action on 10 July to prove their anger, the national employers have refused to even talk to us about it let alone hold negotiations.  It is this flagrant disrespect for staff that has directly caused the dispute and if anything people are getting more angry not less.  Nevertheless it is right that we provide an opportunity for talks to take place,  if the employers see sense and come to the table, while keeping our line in the sand for 14 October.  This is a particularly important date because during that week NHS workers and other public sector staff are also planning industrial action in the run up to the TUC-led demonstration on 18 October to shout ‘Britain Needs A Pay Rise’. Of course, few places need it as much as local government.

We hope to organise further activity during the summer and I will keep you informed of these and any other developments.