Local Government Day of Protest - 4th February 2014

21 Jan 2014

As part of the local government pay campaign, the three national unions (GMB, Unison and Unite) are holding a “day of protest” on 4 February. This has been timed to take place shortly before the national employers meet to determine their response to our pay claim. There will be events organised all around the country. This is your chance to show the employers that you deserve and expect a decent pay rise in 2014.

You may remember that GMB and the other trade unions submitted the following claim for 2014-15 on behalf of our members covered by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services:

“A minimum increase of £1 an hour on scale point 5 to achieve the Living Wage and the same flat rate increase on all other scale points”

There are lots of reasons why you need a pay rise. Here are just a few:

• Local government pay is currently the lowest in the public sector.
• Over 470,000 NJC workers earn less than the Living Wage of £7.65 outside London.
• Thanks to inflation, your pay is worth less than it used to be. People on scale point 5 earn £1,994 less in real terms than in 2009.
• Cuts to pay-related conditions have hit pay packets hard too.
• At the same time, because of job cuts staff are having to work harder than ever.
• Inflation is predicted to run at 3% in 2014. You need a decent pay rise just to keep up.
• In spite of austerity, our claim is affordable and would be good for the economy. Council reserves have increased by 20% since 2010-11. Councils chose to “bank” £2.6 billion last year alone.

The national employers are meeting on 13 February. We expect to hear back from them shortly afterwards so please get involved to make your voice heard on 4 February. Contact your local GMB branch or rep to join in.