Local Government Pay Dispute

27 Jul 2010

GMB local government members will know that there has been a pay freeze this year.  The national employers have refused to hold any negotiations with us at all and won’t even meet to discuss pay.  This is insulting to staff and is totally unacceptable to GMB and the other unions.

To make matters worse, the employers have also produced a guidance book on how to cut staff pay and conditions and sack people cheaply.  It really is the most damming indictment of council employers and their total lack of any respect for employees.

Today GMB, Unison and Unite have registered a formal dispute over these matters.  The dispute is registered under clause 17 of the NJC agreement which calls for the dispute to be referred to ACAS.

This is absolutely the right step to take and the employers should agree to the ACAS process forthwith.  They can make their case to ACAS based on what they say is their shortage of funding - we can make our case based on the hard working council staff who deserve a pay rise.  ACAS can help broker a deal or can decide for us, the trade unions will honour any outcome.  Now it’s time for the employers to show some leadership and do likewise.

I will keep you informed.

Brian Strutton
National Secretary - Public Services Section