Local Government Pay Offer of 0.5% Rejected

23 Apr 2009

The meeting saw the employers’ trying to justify their offer by pleading poverty, with the trade unions dismantling the employers arguments and instead making the case for Council workers to be paid fairly.  The TUs also objected to the employers attempt to bully us into accepting their 0.5% offer by the end of May or face it being withdrawn.

The employers were also charged with not accurately representing the views of most local authorities, the majority of whom have budgeted for a higher pay award than the 0.5% offered.  The employers responded that some local authorities had told them they wanted to make no pay offer at all!

Who are these Scrooge Councils?  I think we should know who they are and name and shame them.

So ask your Chief Executive or Council Leader to own up - what pay rise do they support?  Invite them to meet GMB members and explain themselves,  No more hiding behind the national employers, each authority should be held to account.

One council - Greenwich - has already openly said that they want a better pay offer.

Let’s ask them all.

Brian Strutton
Brian Strutton
National Secretary - Public Services Section

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