Mass Sackings Put On Hold At Sheffield School

29 Jan 2014

School bosses have agreed to put on hold plans to sack 21 teaching assistants after they threatened to carry out a strike ballot. The 33 GMB members at Sheffield Park Academy voted at a meeting on Monday night to hold a strike ballot after finding out two thirds of them would lose their jobs on April 1st. However, within 24 hours, managers extended the consultation period from the end of March until the end of July and said they would explore other options including voluntary redundancy and redeployment.

GMB organiser Peter Davies told UnionNews: “This is a sign of how unity can work. Managers weren’t talking to us but now, all of a sudden, they are talking about mitigating the job losses. It’s my view that the threat of strike action focused their minds. I was quite surprised because usually bosses dig their heels in, but this time they’ve listened to us, which is very welcome.”