Pay Cuts At Leeds City Council Are Part Of A Deliberate Plan

25 Sep 2009

On Tuesday GMB disclosed that the Lib Dem/Tory administration in Leeds City Council failed to collect almost £17 million in unpaid Council and Business taxes in the year to 31st Match 2009. The figures are as follow: uncollected Council Tax £9,247,000; uncollected non domestic rates £7,484,000; a total uncollected taxes of £16,731,000. The figures are from the Department of Communities and Local Government and are from the tax year 2008/9.

GMB Central Executive Council (CEC) also announced that it will provide an initial £10,000 to the hardship fund for GMB members on strike in Leeds since the 7th September .GMB’s CEC also announced that it was launching an appeal to all 3,000 GMB Branches across the UK for financial and other support.

The GMB CEC have today made arrangements for a major benefit gig /rally to be organised in Leeds to raise funds to support the strikers and to highlight the scandal of mismanagement of Leeds City Council by the Lib Dem Tory coalition. The gig organisers will be approaching bands from West Yorkshire to play at this event. A date and venue will be announced shortly.

Desiree Risebury GMB Regional Officer said, “Andrew Mason the senior officer in the cleaning department in Leeds confirmed this morning that the Lib Dem/ Tory administration plan to privatise the services in 2011. This is when the pay protection expires for the workers. So now it is clear. Going ahead with cutting pay by up to £6,000 for the workers is part of a deliberate plan to make the service ready so that the private sector can make money out of it. The people of Leeds and the workforce come a poor second in terms of the priorities of this Lib Dem/ Tory administration. Mr Mason announced that the City itself would not even make a bid to run the service. Thus does the dogma “private good - public bad” reign supreme at the top of the council as the rubbish piles up as part of the plan to make the services attractive to private contractors.“