Petition Signing At Featherstone Rovers

14 Sep 2011

Remploy members, who are campaigning against the planned closure of 54 Remploy factories that provide employment for disabled people, have joined forces with Whizz Kidz, a charity which works with disabled children, to organise a petition signing event at Featherstone Rovers.  The petition will be part of a bid to get the government to fast forward the reform of wheelchair services so these young people can have the equipment they need when they need it. 

70,000 children and young people do not have the wheelchair they need to give them easier access to their education, community and home environment

The petition signing with take place at the Featherstone Rovers ground from 5.30pm (meeting at the GMB Learning Centre).  Anyone wishing to come along and offer their support should contact James Stribley on: 07525136396 or GMB on 0845 337 7777.

Commenting James, said: “Whizz Kidz will be tomorrow’s disabled workers that will need places like Remploy.”

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