Real Front Line Council Services Already being Cut

1 Mar 2010

GMB commented on today’s BBC reports on a new survey BBC carried out which suggests that Councils in England planning to cut “10%” of jobs because of spending cutbacks. GMB says that the reality is that direct services are already being cut up and down the country and these future projections would totally devastate services to communities if they were allowed to go ahead.

GMB National Secretary Brian Strutton said “Conservative-run local government has already started cutting services like closing community centres and homeless hostels, selling off care homes for the elderly and cutting bin collections. They simply do not care about providing services to the less well off and more vulnerable members of society.

The BBC survey reported today shows that the trend over the next year is set to continue with spending on children’s services set to fall 10%, on adult services by 20%, on the environment by 30% and on highways by 80%. These are real front line services and cutting them will increase the likelihood of more Baby P’s, more elderly people not looked after, fewer bin collections and roads in even worse condition than they are now.

There is a myth that councils can cut spending without affecting front line services but that’s wrong, it’s peddled by those who don’t want to admit what they are really doing. The Tories in local government are showing what they think about local public services and local people – absolutely nothing.”