Remploy Redundancies

18 Jan 2011

GMB deplores the leaking of a voluntary redundancy plan for disabled workers to the national press.

Remploy disabled workers learned this morning that there would be job losses at the company via the Daily Telegraph website. The leak to the Daily Telegraph took place a day before the trade unions were informed at 10am today. The Remploy Board must have taken this decision some time before Christmas but failed to consult with the recognised trade unions and their members.

Phil Davies, GMB National Secretary said, “Again the Remploy directors are totally disregarding their disabled employees by leaking this announcement to the press a day before informing their workers.  Remploy has totally disregarded the feelings of the disabled employees and their families.

In March 2008 over 2,000 disabled worker were forced onto benefits when 29 Remploy sites were closed and over 90% of these workers are still not working – a testament that the closures did not save money. So even though history tells us that making disabled people redundant is not the answer as it forces these people onto benefits and into a life of poverty the directors are still on the same kick.

The factory sites have since been starved of work because of an incompetent and overpaid management.  This is in spite of the fact that the EU allows public authorities to place one contract with a supported workshop but the management have failed to take advantage of this provision.

The trade unions will not accept this situation and will fight to stop the sell off of disabled jobs in Remploy.  This is the harshest cut of all that this government has proposed. To make things worse the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg publicly pledged his full support in 2008 to stop any Remploy factory closures.”