Remploy Workers Vote to Reject Company Offer

22 Jul 2009

2009/10 Pay Claim:

The trade unions presented the pay claim to the Company on the 30th March 2009, the claim included:

• Consolidation of outstanding bonuses for hourly paid employees
• Sick pay harmonisation
• Improved redeployment package
• 3 days extra holiday
• Increase in London Weighting
• £20 increase on all rates of pay
• 2 hour reduction in the working week without loss of pay

It then took a further 3 months for the Company to arrange to meet with the Pay Sub Committee to discuss the claim.  At the meeting the Company announced a 1% increase and refused to negotiate with the Pay Sub Committee any further. 

After an adjournment the trade unions informed the Company that the 1% offer was unacceptable and that the Company had ignored Government guidelines which allowed for a 1.5% increase.  The Company had also ignored the Government’s flexible approach to pay and that another 2.5% could be awarded.  Again the Company refused to negotiate on the basis that it could not afford any increase.

The trade unions are very frustrated with the attitude of the company and the paltry 1% increase.  A pay ballot has now been conducted and our members have rejected the company’s offer.

The trade unions also feel very strongly that the Company is wasting money and this was obvious when they held a black tie event which cost a total of £14,500 for 1 night out.  Not to mention the 2 days lost time for 84 senior employees.

£1.7m was paid in bonuses in 2008/2009!  £4.4m over the last 3 years!

How Remploy could save money:

• Stop the use of consultants (£1m per year)
• Stop the payment of bonuses to Directors and senior managers (£1m+)
• Reduce Directors and senior managers expenses (£1.4m)
• Buy cheaper company cars (£1.2m)
• Reduce the number of Board members
• Reduce office space and the number of senior managers
• Bring more work into the factory network