Save Eggborough Power Station

17 Jan 2014

The Engineering Construction trades unions, GMB and Unite, are seeking an urgent meeting with the UK Government over the omission of the proposed biomass development of Eggborough Power Station from the original list of projects to go ahead. Unless Government reverses this decision the power station will close by end of 2015 with a loss of 850 jobs in the power station.

Eggborough is a 2,000 megawatt (MW) coal fired station in North Yorkshire. It is one of the largest generating stations, currently, providing 4% of Britain’s total electricity supply, keeping the lights on in three million homes. The station is owned by Strategic Value Partners.

The Chief Executive of Eggborough Power Limited announced in November plans to convert the station from coal to biomass as part of a £750 million expansion project for the station. The project which was due to start on the 6th January 2014 has now stalled. If it had gone ahead this would have been one of the single largest construction project in Britain to commence in the first quarter of 2014.

Phil Whitehurst GMB National Officer for Engineering Construction said “This power station has been left high and dry because the carbon capture project at neighbouring Drax power station is more favourable to the Government’s failing energy policy.

850 in house workers will go, as well as thousands in the supply chain. In addition a £60m investment at Immingham Docks, and another one at Teesport will be shelved. These port facilities would have handled the biomass fuel imports. The rail networks to handle the movement of the fuel from the docks to the power station from both ports will also be shelved.

The imminent closure of Eggborough is another indictment of the failing energy policy of this Government. This power station is a viable generation facility if converted to biomass. There are foreign investors interested, but without the biomass subsidies the investment will not happen.

When will this Government wake up to the facts of economic life. It does not take Einstein to work out, that if our power infrastructure is not under public control, then foreign investors want a return on their investment in the form of subsidies, and without these subsidies this power station will close, with the loss of 800 in-house workers and hundreds more in the supply chain”

Contact: Phil Whitehurst 07968 338810