Security Industry Association Advise That Paper Based Applications Will Stop

25 Mar 2014

The private security industry told the SIA they wanted a modern, more efficient, and faster system of applying for new licences. They listened, and worked with the industry to provide it. The new licence application service with the Post Office is faster and easier; reduces errors and discourages fraud; and also saves the applicant having to spend money on photographs and postage. 
The Post Office will complete licence applications by:

Checking and returning the applicants documents,
Taking a digital photograph and an electronic signature, and
Taking payment of the application fee.

The service is already a success and has become the most popular way to apply for a licence, so from 7 April that will be the way for an individual to apply for an SIA licence - any old-style paper applications we receive after 7 April will be returned to the applicant.


The only way to apply for a new licence will be to fill in your application online at the SIA website; you will then be told which identity and other documents to take to one of over 750 post offices around the country to complete your application.

Licence renewals: Individuals renewing their licence can use the telephone renewals service, as now.