Sheffield CCTV In Cabs Dispute

15 Feb 2013

GMB, the union for private hire cab drivers, has launched a campaign to fight against Sheffield City Council’s decision to move from a voluntary policy covering CCTV in private hire and black cabs to a mandatory policy. This decision was made on February 5th 2013.

As part of the campaign GMB plan the following steps:

· Written to the Chief Licensing Officer and Head of Licensing, Stephen Lonnie, and put our case forward in defence of a voluntary model for CCTV in cars. We await a response but we have requested that an urgent meeting is now scheduled to consider our case appealing the decision to move to a mandatory policy.

· If we cannot revisit this decision with the Council we will consider a legal challenge once we have received advice from our solicitors.

· In any event we are also considering organising a large protest by both private hire and black cab drivers in Sheffield to show our dissatisfaction with this decision.

Peter Davies, GMB Regional officer said “We cannot accept that anyone will benefit from a policy that forces drivers to comply. The likelihood is that we’ll end up with a minimum set of standards at a maximum cost to drivers. Surely the best way to improve driver and customer safety standards is to develop good practice through a workable policy that all interested parties agree with and have contributed to.
GMB encourage the use of CCTV but the Council are forcing a mandatory policy through that will result in a £500 system without any consultation with the drivers. This Council seems to be approaching this with a ‘we know best and you’ll do as you are told’ attitude. Well maybe they don’t and maybe we won’t.”