Sheffield Homes Crisis

21 Apr 2010

The trade union shop stewards have written jointly to Councillor Bob McCann (Lib Dem Council Cabinet member for Housing) to request an emergency meeting. Councillor McCann has subsequently refused to meet them.

Peter Davies, GMB Organiser said, “GMB know that the Lib Dems are claiming that they have challenged the company to find these savings without affecting front line services but in an organisation that has shed 191 jobs in 2 years that is simply impossible. The company are currently looking to find 40+ redundancies because of pressures on their budget, anyone who thinks that will be a simple case of shedding jobs at the top or cutting back on costs is kidding themselves.

If there is any doubt amongst voters with regard to what would be in store should the Lib Dems hold the sway of power in the next government then, they should look no further than Sheffield. They are clinging on Sheffieldso I hope Sheffield Homes tenants are looking closely at this because the future of our housing services is facing a very real crisis already.”