Sheffield Licensee and GMB Member David Ball faces Eviction

23 Jun 2009

Graham Benton, GMB Senior Organiser said, “David Ball is a tenant of one of the pubcos, Enterprise Inns, which are overcharging on the wholesale price of beer, fixing unrealistic rents and levying unjustifiable charges. He is unable to pay these charges and now faces eviction where he may lose both his home and his livelihood at the hands of pubco, Enterprise.

David is one of the pub tenants, who last week met Gordon Brown, at GMB’s Congress in Blackpool to press the Prime Minister to refer the anti-competition pubcos to the Office of Fair Trading. This is after the recent Business and Enterprise Committee call for the pubcos to be referred to the Competition Commission and said that two thirds of tenants earned less than £16,000 per year.

David Ball is one of many pub tenants who have turned to GMB for help. GMB has already demonstrated its support for David and will now step up the campaign to enable him and his colleagues to make a decent living from their pubs.”