Sova Dispute Update

5 Jul 2012

The SOVA strike on the recycle sites in Sheffield has been suspended and we have secured the jobs of all GMB members who have been made redundant, they will now be reinstated.

We have agreed to trial a bonus scheme that, we are told, can provide a £2.00 per hour increase in wages. This will be calculated on a weekly basis and reviewed with our reps but the bonus will be paid at the same rate to all regardless of separate target achievements on individual sites.

Annualised hours are now optional. Pay protection on rates for those who failed to secure foreman positions will be protected until December.  3 sites will open 6 days per week, 1 will open 7 days per week and 1 will open 4 days per week. Staff will be deployed to alternative sites so that they do not have to work most weekends and travel will be paid.  The business model and opening hours for recycling will be reviewed and this will begin with a full scrutiny board meeting with the Council. 

The GMB will be at the forefront of a new strategy to develop a green waste service in partnership with the Council. The Councils preferred model will be a Cooperative and they wish to involve the GMB and our COT project (Training and development) as well as reps to ensure work is channelled through the recycle centres. It is envisaged by the GMB that this has the potential to increase opening hours and recycling services significantly. 

Councillor Jack Scott is now meeting with GMB to keep this new momentum going. We will review our position after 3 weeks with a view to calling an end to the dispute itself if these actions are evident.