Talks Fail So Refuse and Street Cleansing Workers Strike Is On

4 Sep 2009

Talks between the GMB and Unison unions with Leeds City Council managers broke down this morning without resolve and strike action planned for Monday the 7th of September will now go ahead.
At a previous meeting earlier this week the council agreed to revaluate the jobs in question and that process took place yesterday, despite the panel voting 6 to 2 in favour of lifting the value of the jobs which would have resolved the situation and prevented the strike, the council refused to implement the decision.
The action will bring disruption not only to suburban streets with rubbish overflowing from thousands of wheelie bins across Leeds but will also mean that the city and town centres will be awash with wrappers and rotting food from the bins outside the fast food take aways. Graffiti will not be removed, dangerous infectious needles will not be picked up and gulleys will not be emptied. Streets will not be swept and the situation will intensify as the indefinite strike action potentially continues for weeks and weeks.
Bill Chard, Organiser for the GMB Union commented “The council leaders have missed a golden opportunity to save the citizens from untold misery and disruption, they have had over 18 months to sort this out and even though we have made ourselves available right up to the very last minute they have failed to seize the moment. Just a few weeks ago Richard Brett Leader of Leeds City Council and his fellow councillors from the ruling coalition voted themselves a tidy increase to their expenses but these same people feel no guilt in robbing our members of up to £6,000 per year, it’s a disgrace.”
Pickets will be outside all the main refuse and street cleansing depots from 6am on Monday the 7th September (photo opportunity Cross green Depot)
For further information contact Bill Chard on 07958 156838
GMB Office 01924 882255
GMB Convenors’ Office 01132 474032