Tax Credit Services

26 May 2011

Thousands of GMB members could be missing out on extra cash because according to the latest research, they think tax credits are only for the low paid.

Tax Credits are meant to boost your income. How much you get depends on your circumstances and household income, but in some cases, the amounts can be life changing! The average Child Tax Credit payment is over £3,500 a year. Even families earning over £42,000 could be eligible.

Unfortunately, the tax credit system is very complex and recent changes to the rules have increased the chance you could make a mistake and have to hand the money back!

This is where our Tax Credit Service can help. Through our partners at Tax Credit Solutions, the GMB Tax Credit Service will tell you how much extra cash you should be getting, and what’s more…. it’s completely FREE to find out.

As long as you’re due at least £150, you’ll have the opportunity to either do all the work yourself, or let our new service remove the stress, hassle, and importantly, the financial risk of dealing directly with HM Revenue, by doing everything for you.

Anyone over 16 who normally lives in the UK can apply for tax credits, so if you answered YES to the question at the top of this page, click here to find out how much extra money you could be getting. It will cost you NOTHING to find out.

INFORMATION LINE: 0161 968 7440

*16 hours a week if you’re a) over 59 or b) 16-24 and disabled