The only ‘cut’ we want to see in Yorkshire - GMB fundraiser for Comic Relief

18 Mar 2011

GMB secretary Robert Carlson, being a man of his word, had his head shaved to raise money for Comic Relief, as a result of a lost bet.

During a night out with other GMB officers and staff, Robert made the mistake of challenging officer, Jon Smith, to raise £100 during the 4 days leading up to Comic Relief and if successful he would agree to have his beautiful locks chopped off.

Jon took up the challenge and sent an email to officers and staff in the region at 1.30pm - by 1.38pm he’d won the bet and over £100 had been pledged.  Today that figure now stands at £600.

Commenting, Jon Smith said: “This is a fantastic gesture by Robert for such a good cause and the generosity and ‘speed’ that the pledged donations came in was overwhelming!

After the event Robert said: “Once I’d sobered up, I realised the enormity of the bet, but thought it’s for a good cause so why not.”