Those In Need To Pay

27 May 2010

“There is the scrapping the previous government’s legislation for free personal care for 110,000 people; pulling the plug on the Future Jobs Fund designed to get another 57,000 young people into work; ending the Child Trust Fund which gave young families a helping hand; and knocking £230m off affordable housing projects leaving 2,000 more families homeless. The Schools Bill contains a mortal threat to education funding for children and families with special needs, those with learning difficulties and others needing one to one help to overcome social and other problems. This reality is completely at odds with the statements made by the new coalition leadership that they will protect the needy and least well off. These are real, serious, deep cuts hitting at the very people a humane society should be helping. This is absolutely not the way to tackle the budget deficit and is the complete antithesis of the new coalition’s promises to protect the most vulnerable.

In the meantime, MPs are being handed £2.5m in cash advances to help them get used to doing their expenses properly. The contrast between the privileged and the needy couldn’t be more stark.”