Thousands of Yorkshire & Humber workers set to receive better pay following European Parliament vote

23 Oct 2008

Yorkshire & Humber Labour MEP, Richard Corbett, is celebrating a vote in the European Parliament which will improve the wages and conditions of tens of thousands of workers across the region.

Along with wages, the Temporary Agency Workers directive will also guarantee the same minimum breaks and vocational training currently provided for permanent employees to all temporary staff after 12 weeks at work.

Richard said: “I am absolutely delighted that we have finally adopted this and it is fantastic that temporary workers will be paid the same rate as their permanent colleagues. Around five per cent of all working people in Yorkshire & Humber are employed on temporary contracts and at a time when living costs are rising this will be cause for relief for thousands of people in our region.

“It is also good news for people on regular contracts and will help ensure that their rights and conditions are not undermined by unscrupulous employers.”

Richard added: “It may have taken some time to agree, and there is still room for improvement, but by adopting this measure the European Parliament has once again shown it is best placed to secure workers’ rights not just here in Yorkshire & Humber but across the whole of Europe.

Commenting, Tim Roache, Regional Secretary said: “This is excellent and well overdue news.  GMB has campaigned long and hard on this issue for a very long time.”