UKIP Threat To Workers’ Rights Exposed

7 May 2014

Trade Unions for Labour launched a poster campaign on Friday 2 May 2014 to warn workers that UKIP favours scrapping basic rights for workers to maternity leave, sick pay, and paid holiday. The message will be taken on the road over the Bank Holiday weekend to highlight UKIP’s hidden commitment to scrap the workplace rights, including paid holiday, maternity leave and sick pay relied upon by the 31 million working people in the UK. This campaign by unionstogether, the campaigning voice of the trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party, is to take on the serious threat to working people posed by UKIP.

Launching the campaign, chair of TULO and leader of the GMB union, Paul Kenny, warned that Nigel Farage and his party want to take working people back to the ‘dark ages’. Supporters of unionstogether, who are ordinary union members, were invited to vote online to choose the message they thought most important to Britain’s workers. The message, chosen by thousands, will now adorn a mobile billboard, touring the country to urge people: ‘don’t let UKIP steal what matters to you’. The campaign draws attention to some of UKIP’s lesser known policies, put forward just last year in their Small Business Manifesto.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary and chair of unionstogether, said “Nigel Farage is just another banker, trying to flog his snake oil while forgetting to tell us about the small print. While UKIP like to portray themselves as the only party that is in touch with working people, the reality is that they support a range of anti-worker policies including scrapping the right to maternity leave, sick pay, and paid holiday leave.

He really does not want people knowing that UKIP will take Britain’s working people back to the dark ages, scrapping basic rights we fought hard for and relied upon by the 31 million workers in this country to make life fairer like maternity leave, sick pay, and paid holiday leave. He can’t swerve the fact that these were written in his name, these are his policies. The ordinary working people who took part in our poll made it clear that they want to expose UKIP for what they are, dangerous, so that is the message that we are taking out to our communities.”