Unions call mass meeting for industrial action ballot on Leeds Council’s plan to slash refuse work

16 Jul 2009

A mass meeting of members of the three unions will be held in Leeds Civic Hall from 6.30p.m to 8 p.m. on Thursday July 16th in the Council Chamber at Leeds Civic Hall. Members will discuss a joint process for a ballot on industrial action which could see strike action across the city over the summer.

GMB Organiser Desiree Risebury said: “The Council is threatening to privatise the service which everyone knows will lead to a much worse cleansing service for the people of Leeds.

“These proposed pay cuts are designed to package up the Streetscene service – refuse. street cleaning and waste management -  to sell off to the lowest bidder and saddle Council Taxpayers with a third rate service.

“Our members are angry and distressed at the way they are being treated.

“Their lives are being ruined by Council bureaucrats many of whom are on astronomical salaries – from £50,000 to over £200,000 –and never have to risk their health and well-being by keeping our streets clean.

“It is like going back to Victorian times when vastly wealthy employers condemned their workers to poverty.”

For further information contact Desiree Risebury on 0113 222 43240.