Unions Take Laundry Campaign To The Streets

29 May 2012

On Sat 26th May, Trade Unions under the banner of Keighley Trades Union Council took their campaign to keep the Laundry Department at Airedale NHS Trust to the streets of Keighley. As usual the Keighley people showed their support in their hundreds.  The question they were asking is why is this happening again?

GMB Organiser Gary Baker said: “Once again the decision makers at Airedale NHS Trust have left the people of Keighley bewildered by the possible out-sourcing of the Laundry Department. I spoke to many members of the public who expressed their utter dismay at the possibility of more job losses in the area. The message was loud and clear: ‘Leave our hospital alone!’; and they appreciate all the hard work every member of staff in the hospital do.”

Gary Baker said: “I would urge the decision makers in the Trust to listen to those people who use the services at Airedale. The hospital is theirs and their views should be seriously listened to. We will continue to bring our campaign to the public who deserve and wish to have their voice heard.”

Sign the petition to save the laundry.