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Unions Trigger Strike Date for 7th September

28 Aug 2009

The GMB and Unison shop stewards’ committee met today, Friday 28th August and decided that they had no option other than to serve notice on Leeds City Council to commence indefinite strike action from Monday 7th September.  The strike with no end will affect all refuse collection routes in the city as well as city and town centres.

Both unions apologise to the people of Leeds for the disruption that will be caused by the strike action but insist that the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of the leadership of Leeds City Council and their managers.

Bill Chard, GMB Organiser commented “we are willing to speak to Leeds at any time over the next week but if they are serious about averting this strike action they need to come up with something more substantial than they did at our meeting on Thursday.  They suggested some sort of bonus scheme but could add no detail whatsoever, the meeting only lasted 40 minutes.  I know that Richard Brett has said that he believes the talks were productive but the trade union side simply found it frustrating.  A solution can be found in the next week but I do not believe that this council has the political will to sort this out”.

For further comment contact Bill Chard on: 07958 156 838