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5 May 2010

Make Your Vote Count!


The General Election is upon us.  For the first time in over a decade, there is a real and serious threat that the Tories could come back to power.

On Thursday - polling day - we are not just deciding who holds the keys to Downing Street. We are voting on jobs, on our public services, and on our rights - whether to elect a government that will protect them, or a government that will put them at risk.

Let’s be clear: If the Tories get back into power, they will not speak up for ordinary working people.

Cameron’s plans to cut baby bonds and take child tax credits away from thousands of families, as well has his threats of “top-up fees” for 3- and 4-year-olds at nursery, prove he does not understand the struggles working families face every day. But he has found the cash to offer a tax cut to 3,000 millionaires’ estates.

But it’s not just the threat to our family budgets - Cameron’s threatening the nation’s economy too. We cannot risk our fragile economic recovery with the cuts the Tories have planned in an emergency budget within 50 days of the election.

Remember what happened last time the Tories were in charge - it would happen this time too.

Many people have lost faith in politics and politicians, but the reality is that the decision about who forms the next government will have a direct impact on all our lives. It’s only by talking to people that we can make clear what’s at stake this election.

We have to remind them that Labour is the only party that stands up for ordinary families and protects workers’ rights. Every single vote will count in stopping the Tories - that’s why I’ll be spending polling day knocking on doors and reminding people to vote Labour.

Join me on polling day to make sure that all Labour supporters remember to vote. Volunteer just an hour or two of your time on polling day to stop five years of the Tories:

The Labour movement has always relied on trade unionists and grassroots campaigners coming together to protect jobs and fight for workers’ rights. We have never needed to fight more than now.