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Decades of attacks on the NHS and social care, particularly over the last 10 years of Tory rule, have left millions of workers utterly defenceless.During the coronavirus crisis in 2020 these heroic staff - from doctors to nurses, care workers to cleaners who have been called upon to work on the frontline to keep us safe - have often had to work without PPE.  

Many have been forced to sacrifice their lives, overworked and running on empty and paying the ultimate price.  It is little wonder they are in such fear for their own safety and that of their patients.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, delivered a further kick in the teeth to many grieving families of NHS and social care staff who have sadly died in the line of duty when he said:"NHS and social care staff have displayed their unwavering commitment to patients despite concerns about their own safety and the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE). The scheme fails to appropriately recognise the dedication, selflessness and contribution of colleagues who have paid the ultimate price".

On 20 May, Boris Johnson said the current figure stood at 181 NHS workers and 131 care workers, meaning the death toll of NHS and social care staff had passed 300.

This pandemic has, with justification, been compared to war. And just like the soldiers of the First World War, our NHS staff are 'lions led by donkeys'.

The NHS deserves better, we all deserve better. 



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