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Union slams Harrogate NHS Trust over 'kick in the teeth' decision to reintroduce parking charges


NHS workers joined in solidarity with other colleagues across the country on Saturday, 8 August to protest for fair pay for all nurses, midwifes, health care assistants, porters, domestics and all NHS staff ✊

13 out of the 14 health unions voted to accept a 3- year deal in 2018 with only the GMB urging its members to reject this. Over 80% of GMB members rejected the deal. The remaining health unions all recommended that their members accept the deal as ‘the best that they could achieve under current circumstances.

After losing 20% of pay since 2010 and having 44,000 vacancies leaves the NHS unprepared to tackle a second peak of COVID-19. Healthcare workers are feeling demoralised, undervalued, overworked and utterly exhausted. 540 NHS workers have been lost to Covid-19 and it is not over yet.

So in peaceful protests they sent a clear message to the government that their actions towards the NHS and its workforce are despicable.

GMB Organiser for the NHS, Ben Kirkham, said:

“For the rest of 2020 and 2021 our total focus needs to be on organising and building our strength. We know the Tory government is riddled with short-sightedness and they are viciously reactionary and are going to come for the NHS. 70 years on from its inception the NHS is not in ripe health. In fact, it is currently on the critical list and in need of life support.

“Chronic underfunding, a massive expansion of the private sector into healthcare provision, plus a demoralised and underpaid workforce, have combined to put the NHS in grave danger.  It is about whether our society puts people in a place of dignity and serves them, or whether you just hand over the money to gamblers who don’t create any wealth at all.

“During the pandemic we’ve witnessed amazing acts of bravery and kindness from our frontline workers.  This government has failed on all levels during the Covid crisis; with guidance, with pay, with PPE and testing.

“The biggest thank you the government can give our NHS workers is not a symbolic medal but to make a real difference to their working lives.  Let’s be ready to fight. Let us be the ones that lead on campaigns for better pay. With all of you behind this, I know we can deliver. I am excited to be part of this and committed in standing with our GMB members to face the challenges ahead.”



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