Police Staff Pay Ballot


At a meeting last week, Police Staff employers made their offer in regard to this year's pay award. The offer, which is exactly the same as that made to Police despite being a separate negotiating machinery, is:

1) 0% on pay and allowances
2) £250 consolidated uplift for all staff earning less than £24,000
3) A rejection of our request to examine differentials between pay points
4) A without prejudice commitment to engage on harmonising Annual Leave Allowances  

The Police Staff National Committee, following initial engagement with members, have unanimously agreed to recommend members’ reject this offer. They consider it does not meet members aspirations which have been especially important this year and noting that members income in relation to purchasing power has declined for the last 10 years.  Additionally, RPI is now almost 4%. The offer also makes a mockery of the Home Secretary’s numerous tributes to police staff throughout the pandemic.


Please note this is a consultative ballot only.  This is not a ballot for industrial action.  This ballot is for us to understand our members opinions of the offer.  On the ballot form you will be asked whether you accept or reject the offer and what action you are prepared to take if you reject the offer.


Your GMB negotiating team are recommending you: Vote to Reject

We will use the outcome of this ballot to guide us in our on-going negotiations and proceed to a formal ballot if required.  If you are opting to reject this offer please indicate in section 2 what form of industrial action you are prepared to take, you may select either or both options. 

Please vote carefully using the 'Click here to vote' button which will take you to the electronic ballot paper.  The ballot closes on the27 August 2021.  Our strength is in our numbers. If your work colleagues are not union members ask them to join the GMB. They can join at gmb.org.uk/join.  

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Dix
GMB Organiser 

Will you take a survey, please?