Severn Trent Water

Due to the large geographical area of Severn Trent Water,  most GMB members are from the Birmingham & West Midlands Region or the Midlands & East Coast Region.  However, we have over 100 members who belong to Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region.

Most members are based at Bamford, Buxton, Worksop, Ogston, Homesford, Hady and Derby. We are engaged in water treatment, distribution and sewage treatment with lesser numbers in administration and management. We are all part of Chesterfield Number 1 Branch.  Our full-time officer is Jon Smith from the Chesterfield Office. We have one shop steward who can be contacted as follows:

Colin Bennett –

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Keeping You Informed

Colin edits and contributes to an internal newsletter which is distributed to all GMB members employed by Severn Trent Water - Contact him if you are not already receiving it or for any other internal information.

We have a Partnership Agreement with the company, full bargaining recognition, and work jointly with our colleagues from other GMB regions, Unison and Unite in securing a better and safer working life for all our members. If you are not already a trade union member; why not join us to secure and improve your future, and our collective future, and also to provide protection for when working life doesn’t go too well?

How To Join

Download a copy of the form below or click here to join online.

Application Form.pdf

Pay Claim 2020

The GMB will be working with partner trade unions to prepare for, decide upon, present and negotiate our pay claim for 2020, which is usually agreed by the spring and applied from July. GMB members will be consulted when necessary and probably balloted at some point.

Future Challenges

Water industry investment and regulation operate on a 5-year cycle and the next period commences in April 2020. Regulation of the water industry is increasing with the aim of a better service and value for customers. Management are concerned about nationalisation if a Labour government is elected - noting its commitment to nationalise supported by the GMB's Take Back the Tap campaign. Severn Trent remains one of a few water companies to be still quoted on the Stock Exchange. An alternative outlook is a take-over by foreign buyers and/or private equity  - as has happened to Thames, Anglian, Yorkshire and others. This restricts investment, loads-up with debt, exports profits and is the driver behind the nationalisation debate. 
Meanwhile, employees continue to be pushed to work more efficiently, have more tasks to complete and are electronically monitored more. After many years of falling numbers of lost time accidents, this is now flat-lining and mental health absence is increasing. Disciplinary rules are strictly enforced. 
A growing and united GMB membership is the best way to meet future challenges. If you are not already a member, please see the web-link above or contact Colin Bennett for a membership form.


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