Union Learner Representatives

The story so far… 12 years of success

The role of the trade union learning representative has been embedded in legislatative duty time since 2002.  The GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire region has continued to embrace this post-holding role within its national rule book and also through the GMB@Work organising agenda.  
The region now has approximately 224 trained ULR’s within its workplaces and branches.  The work that has been achieved over the last 12 years has been outstanding with regard to the learning opportunities provided both within workplaces and in the community.  The link between workplace ULR’s and the regions’ ULF projects has been at the forefront of the promotion of the learning activity. 


ULRs tell us how it is

The success stories have been massive over this 12 year period and there are too many to individually mention but as a way of encouraging others to take up the role of the ULR recent events within certain local authorities will enable this initiative to broaden the educational offer provided by GMB as a trade union through their elected ULR postholders.  I think the best way of promoting the hard work that has already taken place is to allow and encourage ULR’s to utilize this page to tell their own stories so as other potential ULR’s and newly trained ULR’s can network with them to role out their already existing best practice model. 

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